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Voiceover Acting/Promotion/Marketing/Programming

The following guidelines are designed to explain the CONTENT & MATERIALS that can be entered into each category. The Voice Arts® Awards celebrate the best practices in Voiceover Acting  Creative Direction, Production, Directing, Casting , Copywriting and Audio Engineering, throughout all facets of Programming Promotion, Marketing and gaming by way of the listed categories. 

Eligibility Period

January 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016

The work entered into the Voice Arts® Awards contest for 2016, must have been aired, broadcast, published or otherwise made available to the public or B2B (business to business) constituents between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. B2B includes corporate, instructional, marketing and other works that are intended for a non-broadcast or restricted audience. For example: An instructional video intended only for the employees of a given company would fall under the definition of B2B and is therefore eligible for submission.

Demo Reels are the exception to the rule in that they may be entered into the contest regardless of when they were created. There is no eligibility period restriction for a Demo Reel. However, Demo Reels will be judged according to contemporary, professional expectations for today’s marketplace. Therefore, it is not advisable to submit a Demo Reel that may be deemed outdated or obsolete. SOVAS™ reserves the right to determine the competitive viability of any and all entries submitted. Work previously nominated in the Voice Arts® Awards is not eligible.

Who Can Enter

Categories may be entered by an individual (non-company) or by a company or student. The following list represents an example of company types but this list is not exhaustive. We accept entries from anywhere in the world in the English language and offer limited categories in Spanish and Japanese.

  1. Individuals (not a company) Voice Actors, Spoken Word Artists, Writers, Creative Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Audio Engineers, Directors
  2. Broadcast Networks

  3. Cable/Satellite Networks

  4. On-Line Content Channels/Platforms

  5. Cable/Satellite Platforms/Service Providers

  6. Local TV Stations

  7. Radio Stations

  8. Agencies/Vendors (Advertising, Talent, Casting, Creative, Marketing, etc.)

  9. Program Developers/Distributors/Syndicators

  10. Mobile Developers

  11. Gaming Developers

Entrant can be an administrator representing a company or individual. The entrant can be the client, vendor or their agent; there is no stipulation in any category regarding the entrant so long as the work was for air, broadcast, publishing, distribution or release anywhere in the world and is in the English or Spanish language.

What Can Be Entered

Please refer to the technical specifications within this document regarding physical and digital materials for submission and refer to the eligibility dates and categories for all qualification details.

File Upload:

The term Video Upload encompasses all material submitted by way of the Voice Arts™ Awards’ digital upload system. Please refer to the category descriptions for more information regarding the types of media required for each category.


  1. In the event that any individual category attracts fewer than 4 entries the organizer reserves the right to withdraw that category from the competition or combine categories where we deem it appropriate. If a category is withdrawn, the participating entrant will receive a credit towards future entry fees.No cash refund will be given.

  1. The award statues to be given for the 2016 award season will be the singular gold statue known as the Voice Arts® Award. Nominees are eligible to acquire certificates of nomination. If, in any category, entries do not meet the standard deemed award worthy by the jury, it is possible that there will be no awards given in that category.

  1. SOVAS™ will not be responsible for the holding of any materials submitted after the awards period, which concludes with the award ceremony, has ended. Such materials will not be returned. All submissions become the property of SOVAS™ to be used at its discretion, for the production of the ceremony.

  1. ALL relevant permissions and copyrights are assumed to be cleared by the entrant.

  1. The organizers reserve the right to add, subtract, amend or otherwise revise any category during the course of the competition. Notices and updates of revisions will be posted on our website at www.sovas.org.

  2. Entries submitted as a campaign must consist of a minimum of two advertisements utilizing two of the following media types: TV, Radio, WEB, In-theater.

  3. Audio Book Recordings must have been reproduced originally or compiled from another medium for release as audiobooks. Qualifying audiobooks are determined by SOVAS™ to be sound recordings, in the English language, containing a majority of spoken word content, duplicated and packaged for sale in any country in a digital format. It is not required that the original source of the Audiobook be derived from or based on a published book.



  • Entries first appearing in public between January 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 are eligible for entry into this year’s Voice Arts™ Awards.

WHO CAN ENTER Individuals (not a company), Marketing Executives, Voice Actors (union and non-union), Spoken Word Performers, video Gaming CompaniesProducers, Publishing Companies, Licensees/Distributors, Casting Agents, Casting Agencies, Talent Agents and Talent Agencies, National TV Networks, Local TV Stations, Regional TV Networks, Web-based Companies, Radio Stations, Radio Networks, Copywriters, Producers, Audio Engineers, Creative Directors, and other roles pertaining to the creation and/or production of works whereby voiceover is an essential component driving the creative, and where the work is released to the public during the period January 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016,  may enter the Voice Arts® Awards competition. Qualifying “Work” or “Entries” are defined here by SOVAS™ to be recordings (video or sound only) in the English language. Specific criteria for each category is listed below.

GENERAL ELIGIBILITY Entrants assume all responsibility for all rights and permissions to submit work on behalf of themselves and/or the owner of the works submitted. All entries must have been created for a paying client except for demo reels or pro bono work for charities and non-profit organizations. SOVAS™ retains the rights to disqualify entries which offend national, religious, cultural or racial sensibilities.


  • June 24, 2016  Early Bird.

  • July 17, 2016 – Regular Price

  • August 8, 2016 – Late Entry.


May 25th – June 17th July 18th – July31st Aug 1st – August 8th


Fee – Early Bird

Fee – Regular Price

Fee – Late Entry

Single Entry – Member




Single Entry – Non-Member




Independent Artist (not a Company)

Fee – Early Bird

Fee – Regular Price

Late Fee – Late Entry

Single Entry – Member




Single Entry – Non Member




* Fees are non-refundable, once the entries have been submitted.

Acceptable Entry Media:

  • Audio (MP3)

  • Video (MP4, MOV, H264 or ProRes)

AUDIO BOOK CATEGORIES (not exhaustive):

Category Types

  • National TV (Commercials, Promos, PSAs, Narration, Sales)
  • Local TV (Commercials, Promos, PSAs, Narration, Sales)
  • Radio (Commercials, Promos, PSAs)
  • Spoken Word Performance (poetry, prose, storytelling, speeches)
  • Video Game
  • Animation
  • Narration
  • Trailer
  • Audio Book
  • Political
  • Consumer Sales Video
  • Instructional
  • Demo Reel
  • Voiceover Podcast
  •  Japanese Language
  • Car Commercials


  • Biography

  • Business & Education

  • Education

  • Children’s Titles – Ages 0 – 12

  • Teens

  • Classic

  • SciFi

  • Fiction

  • Fantasy

  • Health & Fitness

  • History

  • Humor

  • Inspirational/Faith-Based Fiction

  • Mystery

  • Crime

  • Author(s) Performance

  • Non-Fiction

  • Metaphysical

  • Self Help

  • Romance

  • Short Stories/Collections

  • Thrillers

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