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We Help Those Who Help Themselves

At SOVAS™, we understand that working voice actors, and those who wish to become working voice actors, may not have the financial means to cultivate their talents through continuing education. We understand that pursuing a voiceover career is a significant financial investment. Further, we recognize that there are no shortcuts for those who are serious about success. Working with the most reputable acting schools, voiceover coaches, producers and audio engineers is an absolute necessity. As such, we honor the personal investment by those who purchase a ticket to That’s Voiceover!™, understanding that it is more of a sacrifice for some than others. This is why we created the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences J. Michael Collins Academic Scholarship, sponsored by J. Michael Collins.

J. Michael Collins presents:
2015 SOVAS™ Academic Scholarship
An overwhelmed Brenda Robinson takes the stage to accept the 2015 SOVAS™ Academic Scholarship

With your sacrifice in mind and as part of our mission to educate and encourage emerging talent we offer the SOVAS™ J. Michael Collins Academic Scholarship, currently valued at $9250.

The scholarship is designed to identify those with potential for a successful voiceover career but who may be thwarted by a lack of financial means. The  SOVAS™J. Michael Collins Academic Scholarship provides direct exposure to a variety of one-on-one training opportunities, including private sessions, traditional acting training, online courses and international networking events. This comprehensive  scholarship offering will help insure that the recipient receives credible, effective and current training that will further his or her opportunities for success as a voice actor.

Applications for the scholarship are currently being received. The winning recipient will be announced at the next That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo on Saturday, November 4, 2016. To become a “scholarship candidate” simply fill out the application via the link at the bottom of this page. You can also nominate someone else by filling out the application on their behalf.

To be considered, the candidate must be a ticket holder of That’s Voiceover!™ by the time application reviews are completed on October 22, 2017.

That’s Voiceover!™
Nominees for the scholarship will be contacted and verified prior to the event date. The scholarship winner is named live during That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo on Saturday, November 4, 2017, at THE TIMES CENTER in New York, NY . The exact time of the announcement will occur between 6pm PT and 9pm PT.

Scholarship Details

  • Stella Adler Studio of Acting(NEW YORK only) 10 Week Acting Course:  Sound Into Action: Voice & Monologue*
  • Art of Acting Studio (LOS ANGELES only) 8-week course:  Art of Acting Technique Intensive Part One *
  • Sennheiser Professional Studio Headsets
  • 5-Hour Coaching Package & Demo Reel Production
    with J. Michael Collins
  • Full Scholarship Home Course Study with Pat Fraley
  • 4-Session VO Coaching Package with Joan Baker
  • 4-Session Marketing Consultation Package with Rudy Gaskins
  • 2 Backstage Passes: 2018 That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo
  • 2 Backstage Passes: 2018  Voice Arts® Awards
    Equivalent course content will be provided if a specific course title becomes unavailable.
Brenda Robinson shares her gratitude.