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Beginner to Intermediate
How do I break into voice Acting? What does it take to get an agent? If I have a great speaking voice and singing voice, do I still need to do training for voice acting? As a trained actor, do I need more than a general orientation to voice acting? How do I know which genre I fit into? How do I choose the right coach? Why do I need a demo reel and what goes into it? What do agents do for you? Why do most voice actors specialize in just a few genres? How much money can I expect to make? How do you assess a coach? How much should I spend on private coaching lessons? Why is it that private lessons are the only sure way of getting properly trained? Do I need to have a home studio? How do I know what to charge clients? Do  I have to learn marketing and branding? Do I have to learn how to do audio engineering? How do I start networking and what is the decorum? Are the P2P sites a good way to get work? How do you join the union and is it a good thing to do? How long and how many classes does it take to become “agent ready?”

How do you manage multiple agents? How do you leave an agent without hurting your career? How do I get my agent and manager to work together on achieving my goals? How do you re-energize a stalled career? What do branding and rebranding entail? What is meant by a “brand extension?” How do I overcome a blow to my reputation? What does it mean that my agent has stopped sending me auditions? Now that I’m over fifty, what are the best ways to re-establish my career in the new market? How do I continue training without exposing myself to appearing less than an expert in my craft? How does an old dog learn new tricks? Doing new things in new ways is one thing, but how do you re-energize your attitude to be unstoppable about your success? I have a fairly decent bae of non-union clients, and I want to get into union work, but will I have to lose my non-union clients to do it?

Your Unique Path
For each of the questions listed above, there are many others that are unique to your specific background, lifestyle, and dreams. That’s where ATOMIC VO COACHING gets interesting. Whatever you think about your next step in voice acting, everything is about to change for the better.

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