Brytni Sarpy Opens up About Learning to Love Her Voice




Brytni Sarpy Opens Up About Learning to Love Her Voice

By Chris Eades
Originally published on August 11, 2022, on Soaps In Depth

Even talented actors have insecurities, including Brytni Sarpy (Elena, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS; ex-Valerie, GENERAL HOSPITAL)! She voices the character of Zoe, one of the leads in a newly-released videogame called As Dusk Falls, but it was the kind of job that she never thought she’d ever do!

“Bringing the voice of Zoe Walker to life has been one of the coolest things I’ve had the opportunity to do as an actor,” Sarpy revealed on Instagram. “The interesting and slightly ironic twist in my development as a voice actor, is that my voice has always been my least favorite part of what I bring to the table as an actor.

“As a kid, I had a very raspy voice,” the actress continued. “As I matured, I developed trauma surrounding my voice — in a non-literal sense, I struggled with my ability to unashamedly speak and reverberate my feelings. My throat is such a sensitive chakra for me, because of it.”

And as Sarpy grew up and decided to pursue acting as a career, she found that her speaking voice could limit her. “In college, it was also the area I struggled in the most,” she admitted. “Being a Bachelor of Fine Arts, an acting major, I learned I did not have a natural theater voice. I had a ‘thin quality, lacking resonance and proper diction.’ I became hyper-aware of it, and tried for years to overcompensate for what I felt I lacked.”

The daytime star also provided some voice work for the 2021 videogame Deathloop, but As Dusk Falls is an interactive narrative game, like a movie or television show that you can control the outcome of. So that means a lot more is required of its actors. “But here we are today,” Sarpy marveled. “Pushing the boundaries of my perceived limitations, and owning the nitpicked parts of my voice… and it’s empowering.

“Empowering to be included in such a genre-bending, exciting, and beautifully executed project,” she concluded. “Hope you gamers enjoy it. I’ve got to get an Xbox now, so I can play too. Thank you.”

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