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Bring your biggest VO dreams for Tiffany Golden and Danielle Magee from the famed ad agency of Wieden+Kennedy to talk about what happens before the Voice Actor is called. 

This is an open and shut case. Tiffany Golden and Danielle Magee are producers. They’re in the creative trenches where they must meet the brand expectations of global mega-brands, one multi-million dollar campaign after the next. And that includes finding the voice actor(s) who can deliver on the promise. They don’t teach voice acting and they don’t tell voice actors how to act, any more than they tell their clients how to build their cars, research pharmaceuticals, or develop cosmetics.  What they can tell you is how the creative decision-making leads to that spot behind the mic, where a voice actor will be hired to perform in concert with the team. It’s a hidden world that is rarely shared publicly. If you’re a voice actor or know someone who is, tell them to drop everything and join The State Of VO on Thursday, June 9th at 7PM ET/4pm PT. Plus, as always, we’ll be taking your most burning questions. Just type in your questions when you RSVP below. The Zoomcast is FREE but you must RSVP!

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