Stewart Wilson-Turner

Stewart Wilson-Turner

Early in his career, Stewart was the Audition Director for Talent Group Inc., one of the premier talent agencies in the U.S., directing some of the top performers in voice over. There, he fell in love with the industry and subsequently, the amazing artists who lend their voices to commercials, trailers, audiobooks, animated projects, etc.



Stewart is one of the founding members of, the company that revolutionized the voiceover industry in the late 1990’s by developing the first online platform for talent agents to showcase their voice artists and deliver digital auditions to producers and creatives around the world. Stewart was a highly sought-after technical advisor for some of the top talent agencies in the U.S. and Canada. As the company’s well-known ambassador to ad agencies, production companies, animation studios and film houses, he worked to grow the network, making the largest online database of professional Voice Talent by the time he left in 2011.

Recently he has had the privilege of being in the studio himself, narrating a book series by a talented, up-and-coming author.

Stewart is a Director of Product for Ozo Edu, Inc., a national EdTech company that produces the Ozobot Evo and Ozobot Bit, two award- winning STEAM robots that are used in classrooms and learning environments all over the world to increase student engagement and help educators enhance their curriculums.

Stewart is honored to be a part of SOVAS and the wonderful, talented and diverse industry it represents.

Stewart resides in Los Angeles with his wife Karen and son Aidan.

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