Vicky Tessio


Locutora / Directora

When I was 8 years old, I started to study music and piano in Madrid, the city where I was born. I loved singing, reading and acting in plays at school.

I also loved to write, and years later I decided that I wanted to be a journalist and work for a prestigious newspaper. One day, when studying at University, I met a girl who told me about the possibility of doing an internship at a radio station. That decision changed my life.

From the very first minute, I was caught up in the magic of radio. And I felt that my voice was the most powerful instrument I could use.

I started my vocal and dubbing training then, but radio was my main love for many years. I was fortunate to work in some of the most important radio stations in Spain: Cadena SER, Radio Nacional de España RNE, y Canal Sur, where I was the corporate voice of Canal Sur Uno, the Music channel and also directed and presented Boca a Boca, a radio music program on the air for more than seven years.

​In 2004, I started my career as a freelance voiceover and voice actor. I have lived in 4 different cities in Spain, and thanks to the internet, I’ve helped clients all over the world. I own and operate a professional home studio, and I travel to client studios as needed.

I am passionate about voice over work, dubbing and acting with my voice, and I train regularly with some of the best coaches to push my boundaries and always learn more about my craft.

​I was honoured with a Voice Arts Award in 2017 for Outstanding Animation Demo, Best Spanish Voiceover, again in 2020 for Outstanding Spoken Word or Storytelling, Best Spanish Performance, as a VO talent and as a director. I received a third  Voice Arts Award in 2017 for  Outstanding Spoken Word or Storytelling, Best Spanish Voiceover

​I was also nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2018 and 2019, as well as for a One Voice Award in the UK in 2020.

Besides my work as a voice talent, I am also the Co-founder and Director of VivaVoice.UK, an audio production company based in London that focuses on Spanish Culture and Literature


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