Robin Armstrong


I love storytelling. I love pure, true acting. And I love the human voice. It’s been my joy to teach, coach and consult with hundreds of voice actors at all levels for over 25 years.

I discovered my passion for coaching actors and VO talent while working most of my career as a feature film and commercial director and producer. I found that I often needed to ‘coach’ talent into acceptable performances. I then began extensive teaching and coaching for voice talent, from top working pros to newbies across all genres. There are genuine, real world principles artists simply must understand about the inner process of voice acting, or they’ll be wasting their effort.

From my private studio in LA and at weekend intensives nationwide, I build and empower talent. I get them ready to work. I teach voice actors to look behind the script and into the writer, producer and directors’ minds. To understand how we make casting decisions and why. To learn why some artists book and others don’t. To break down and understand the full range of actual practical skills that really matter, and how to gain, develop and refine them. To work through negativity: the fear, ego and confidence issues that can result in self-sabotage. And to learn how to truly grow – as human beings, as performers, and as entrepreneurs. I give voice actors what they need to compete – to audition effectively, consistently land gigs and, once hired, nail the role and be asked back. I also include instruction on how to actually build their businesses. This dovetails with my consulting work, personally branding individual artists and producing world class voice demos which showcase their skills in the best light for today’s real world casting environment.

I’m continually growing as a storyteller, as a director/producer, teacher, coach, mentor and working voice actor. I’m so grateful that my crazy path has landed me here – and that by my side through this amazing journey are my beautiful wife, Judi, and our children, Blake and Annie. Their love inspires me.




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